Kauai: Trip 1 – Day 2

On Sunday, Josh and I got up and checked out of our hotel and headed for the Maha’ulepu Beach Trail. On our drive there, we drove through the “tunnel of trees”. Our helicopter pilot had pointed it out from the air the day before saying how many tourists stopped in the middle of the road to take a picture. We opted to take a picture, but keep moving a the same time. It was definitely beautiful though!

Maluhia Road (Tunnel of Trees)

Maluhia Road (Tunnel of Trees)

We hiked along the South coast of Kauai for about a mile. It was a beautiful mix of sand, rocks and trees. It was a great way to start our day!


After the hike, we drove the short distance over to see what Poipu Beach was all about. It’s supposed to be a very popular beach on Kauai…turns out it is…it was extremely crowded, but looked like it was a fun place to go snorkeling.


We then drove over to Spouting Horn blowhole. The ocean was pretty calm, so it wasn’t that active. However, it was still a beautiful area…plus we spent time daydreaming about the incredible houses that lined the coast on the way there.


After that, we headed back toward Lihue to catch our flight back. SO HAPPY that we finally got to take a helicopter tour!

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