Life on Queen Emma St.

I arrived to a great apartment that already feels like home after three days. I definitely think that the wonderful Christmas decorations helped make it feel like home. After sending Josh pictures of my mom’s Christmas decorations and four Christmas trees (which are ridiculously beautiful..her house looks like it belongs in a magazine), he took it upon himself to decorate the apartment so I would feel more at home. He did an amazing job (which you can see below) decorating a tree, hanging little stockings, putting a wreath on the door and even going as far as getting decorative Christmas throw pillows. I am so incredibly appreciative of all his hard work!


This is our living area..complete with Christmas tree!


This is our super nice kitchen. Currently the island is functioning as a desk for both of’s where we sit with our computers most of the time.


The first time I’ve had to share a bathroom since college!


And finally, the bedroom! Love the windows and all the natural light.

5 thoughts on “Life on Queen Emma St.

  1. Several things: love the view! and two couches excellent for visitors – I hope you get many during these next 362 days 🙂 Also, Josh has some sweet pink sheets!! But I do love that you have a pretty vanity in the corner 🙂

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