Merry Christmas Eve!

Since I am greatly missing my family on Christmas Eve this year, Josh and I are celebrating with a few traditions that I’m missing out on. We made potato soup (Enders family), buckeyes (my Grandma Kindler and Aunt Jan), opened Christmas pajamas over facetime with my Mom, Austin and Tom, and Josh and I watched The Santa Clause (Austin) while eating all the fantastic food. The good news is that Josh survived the traditions…and more importantly facetime with my family!

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve!

  1. Hello from my office where I am back at work and completely alone on this day after Xmas. Your traditions look delicious Nicole, and I am sure that Josh loved the potato soup! I must send you my mother’s Scottish shortbread recipe, which was always our tradition and which I still make every year for my friends here at work.
    Much love to you both! XXXXXX
    Cynthia (Josh’s Mom!)

    • thank you! they were pretty delicious..probably not as good as the people who make them every year…but it’s a start :). i would love the shortbread recipe! i hope your day at work goes quickly!!

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