The Fierce Lioness Pack!

Today was the first day of our “Girls Club” with our girls at the Boys and Girls Club. Ms. Tia and are running the program to help the girls learn how to be comfortable with themselves, empower them to feel good about who they are, learn healthy habits and create positive relationships. Today we created our “The Awesome Rights of the Fierce Lioness Pack” which is the Bill of RIghts for our group. All of the girls contributed. They make me so proud! They are pictured below with the rights on the board behind them.

The girls of the Fierce Lioness Pack!

The girls of the Fierce Lioness Pack!

4 thoughts on “The Fierce Lioness Pack!

  1. I loved this post and this picture. You are doing amazing work with these girls and it is obvious, teaching them to be strong but to enjoy life too.

  2. I think it’s really neat that you had them help with the “bill of rights” for your group 🙂 Now they have ownership in it 🙂

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