Fierce Lioness Jeopardy

Yesterday, Tia and I played jeopardy with the Fierce Lioness Pack. The jeopardy consisted of five categories: Friends & Parent/Guardian; Passive, Aggressive, Assertive or What?; Authority; Queen of Your Body; Violence, Drugs & STDs. The girls were divided into two teams and the most points won a coupons to our snack shop. The girls really got into the game and all ages participated and answered questions. It was amazing to see how even after the team that got the points answered the questions correctly, everyone else on the other team wanted to share their answers as well…especially when it came to the tough questions about families. Tia and I definitely were close to tears more than once! They are all so inspiring…I can’t even imagine some of the stuff that they have been through at such a young age!


The jeopardy board.

The jeopardy board.

Some of the girls playing jeopardy.

Some of the girls playing jeopardy.

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