Maui: Trip 1 – Day 1

This past weekend, Josh and I traveled to Maui for the first time. I expected it to be very similar to Oahu and was excited to see a new island, but didn’t expect to be blown away. Instead, I was completely blown away and in awe of everything we saw. Maui was…incredible.

We landed late on Thursday and traveled to the Sheraton in Kāʻanapali on Maui’s West Coast. It was dark, but we could already tell it was beautiful!

In the morning, we woke up early and went zip lining in West Maui. We went with Flyin Hawaiian Zipline, which has the longest zipline in Hawaii and is the most extreme course on Maui. I had never been ziplining and it was awesome! We had great tour guides and our group was a blast! I also loved their focus on conservation. Along the way, we watered yellow hibiscus flowers that they had planted to help restore their presence in Hawaii (they are an endangered plant).


After a wonderful time flying through the trees, we grabbed lunch at Beach Bums BBQ in the harbor nearby (It was recommended to us by our guides). The food was pretty good. We split chicken wings and fish tacos…we were starving and so happy to be eating! After that, we ran back to the hotel to change and drop a few things off and then started our tour of West Maui.


The drive around the West Coast of Maui was gorgeous. So much ocean! We had great views of Molokai on the way. We stopped at Nakalele Blowhole where the ocean has undercut the shoreline and pounds underneath the ground and shoots through a man-size hole. It was incredibly powerful and you could get so close!


After the blowhole, we continued our tour around West Maui and headed towards Kahakuloa Village. The one-lane road leading to the isolated village was pretty ridiculous. It was pretty much impossible to capture on camera. We stopped in Kahakuloa to get some banana bread that is supposed to be the best on the planet (Josh and I both decided that even though the bread was pretty good, both of our moms made better banana bread). After our stop, we headed around the top of West Maui and made our way into Wailuku, which was a pretty cute little town.


We made it back to the hotel in time to shower and head out to the pool bar to watch the sunset torch lighting ceremony at Black Rock. The Black Rock (conveniently located right by the Sheraton) is a result of one of West Maui’s final eruptions. The ancient Hawaiians believed Black Rock (Pu`u Keka`a) was the jumping off point for their spirits leaving the world to join their ancestors forever. We had a great seat for the ceremony and celebrated the end of our first day in Maui with fun cocktails, the Black Rock ceremony and a sunset walk on the beach!

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