Koko Head Crater

After eating my way through Molokai, I knew I needed to workout big time this week. Today, I wanted to tackle Koko Head (I did it this time last year after another big hike and it took me forever because I was so sore). At .7 miles, the trail isn’t very long, but it’s definitely challenging with a 1,200 foot elevation and 1,048 “steps” to the top. You hike up an old rail track and the cross ties provide a natural stair master (which is much harder than a real stair master). There is also a 30 foot rail bridge that can be a bit tricky…I just had to focus on not looking down and had to really concentrate on where I put my feet. This is definitely a great workout with a beautiful 360 degree view as a reward at the end. It was pouring down rain almost the entire time I was out there, which made it a bit slippery. I made it up in 32 minutes and down in 23 minutes. You would think down would be easier, but it’s brutal on the knees and since it was muddy and the cross ties were slippery, you had to be extra careful not to fall. I saw two people slip on their way down as I was hiking up…since I’m so graceful, I took my time on the way down. I didn’t get too many pictures because of how windy it was at the top and the rain. But it should give you an idea of why hiking up Koko Head is worth it!

2 thoughts on “Koko Head Crater

    • yes you could! when you come visit we will go hike it :). and the track was once part of a system that used to haul military personnel and supplies to the top..i’m pretty sure there was an air force station there at some point.

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