Molokai: Trip 1 – Day 2

Day 2 started with our first amazing breakfast at our B&B. Along with fruit every morning, Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakeseach day we had something different as our main dish. This morning we had banana macadamia nut pancakes with caramel syrup. I think this was probably my favorite breakfast while we were there. It was incredible!

Even though it was raining, we had a hike to Halawa Valley planned on the east side of the island. We drove about an hour and a half there (a large portion of it on a one lane road towards the end), but the tour was rained out so we rescheduled for Tuesday. However, we were able to get a pretty cool shot of the waterfalls…since it was raining they were pretty big!


This leads me to the second animal that we saw on the side of the road…a random bull. Just hanging out outside the fence wandering down the street. There is a ranch in the area and he had gotten out (presumably). He was so close to our car because of the one lane road!


On our hour and a half drive back to the other side of the island, it actually started to clear up and we had a beautiful view of both Maui and Lanai. Maui & Lanai

After a few pictures and making it back to the two lane highway, we decided to try to find the ‘lli’ili’opaie Heiau. A heiau is a Hawaiian temple. This particular heiau was a “school” for sorcerers and was a very powerful 13th century temple that was known for human sacrifice. It is one of the largest left in Hawaii measuring at about 320 x 120 feet. We had to hike pretty high up the ridge to get a picture of it from end to end. The stones used to build this heiau were passed hand to hand in a human chain for eight miles over the mountains via the Wailua Trail. Thousands of round, water-worn stones were laid by hand to build this site without the use of any mortar or modern tools. I felt like it was the temple of doom and we were Indiana Jones…seriously. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. To get to the temple took us awhile to figure out as the entrance is located on private property. After wandering down the road looking for a gate with a sign (every driveway had a gate with a sign on it) we finally stopped and asked someone who was sitting on their porch. After walking about 10 minutes we finally found the gate. We walked another 10 minutes down a driveway, through the woods and over a dry riverbed and there was the heiau! We hiked up about 15 minutes to an amazing view of not only the heiau but also Maui and Lanai. It was one of the most amazing views I have seen yet!


Chicken KatsuAfter our hike back down, we decided to stop at Mana’e Goods and Grindz for some chicken katsu. We split that, a veggie burger and a strawberry smoothie — it was all delicious! We then headed to Coffees of Hawaii to see some traditional Hawaiian music and dancing. We sat out on their big patio and listened to Na Ohana Hoaloha (link is to a YouTube video of what we did) for about an hour and a half and had their specialty coffee drink “Mocha Mama” (it was amazing).

We went back to the B&B and showered, changed and headed to Paddlers’ Inn again for dinner. However, the highlight of the evening was getting Molokai Hot Bread from  Kanemitsu Bakery. At 8:00 pm every night but Monday, you can go down a back alley to an open half door and order “hot bread”. They will fill it with cream cheese, strawberry jam, blueberry jam or cinnamon and butter. It was INCREDIBLE. Josh and I ordered a strawberry jam and cream cheese hot bread…how we had self control to not finish the entire thing is beyond me. I already want to go back to Molokai just for the “hot bread”. I’m glad we did this on Sunday night…if the bakery had been open on Monday night I am 100% positive we would have headed back for more.

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