Molokai: Trip 3 – Day 4

Our last day, we woke up and enjoyed coffee and hot bread one last time on our lanai. We also wandered out to the edge of the complex to check out the view. We were able to get Maui, Lana’i and Kahoʻolawe all in one shot. A great way to end our trip!

Molokai: Trip 3 – Day 3

On our third day we again started our day with coffee on the lanai and a beautiful view. We were up early as our adventure for the day was riding a mule down sea cliffs to the Kalaupapa peninsula.

We arrived to the barn, checked in, and were assigned mules for the day! I was assigned the same mule that I had four years ago! Tita and I had just as much fun this time :).

After we were all assigned and on our mules, we headed down the road to begin the 3.5 mile (and 26 switchbacks!) ride down the sea cliffs.

We were quite happy to give our bums a rest and enjoy the tour and beauty of the area.

After an amazing few hours, it was time to get back on our mules and start the long journey back up!

After a long ride back up, we said goodbye to our mules and went back to shower before dinner. We decided to go to Kualapu’u Cookhouse (our favorite breakfast place from other trips) as we heard they had an amazing dinner menu. It definitely did NOT disappoint. We had three really unique entrees and all shared everything. After dinner it was time for what we had all been waiting for….Hot Bread!! We got the works (strawberry, blueberry, butter, cinnamon, cream cheese). It was just as good as I remembered it to be!

Molokai: Trip 3 – Day 2

On our first full day on Molokai we woke up to our incredible view of Maui. We sat and enjoyed coffee on our lanai and listened to the ocean. Quite the way to start our day!

Our morning view.

After a our leisurely start, we packed up the car to drive towards Halawa Valley. Our first stop was Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, another Saint Damien church.

It started raining on us, so we got back in the car and continued on our journey! The drive there was breathtaking and as we got closer, it stopped raining and we had a great view of the Halawa Falls.

We arrived in Halawa Valley and headed to Kalani’s Farm. We chatted with him for a bit and then we were able to sign waivers and hike to the falls since we had already gone on a tour with him a few years ago. We had the trail to ourselves for almost the entire way. Unfortunately for me, there were a ton of spiders (which I do not remember from the last time) so Josh took the lead and was in charge of knocking down webs. We made it to the river crossing but it was still flowing pretty fast. We decided to play it safe and head back. Sad we didn’t make it to the falls but it was a gorgeous hike.

When we got back to the farm, Kalani showed us some of his flowers and gave us two different types of bananas…which turned into an incident for Josh. One of Kalani’s ducks saw that we had bananas and she started racing towards Josh (apparently they are her favorite thing). This turned into Josh running from the duck and her flying at him (I was in tears). We went ahead and shared some with her :).

We were ready for lunch after our hike so we stopped at Manae Goods & Grindz for the best chicken katsu I’ve ever had. We ate lunch and then went back to our place to change and prepare for the rest of our afternoon.

After lunch, we drove to the West side of the island to show Linda around. Our final stop of the day was Papohaku Beach for sunset. Once again we had the beach to ourselves. The waves break really late here so Josh spent most of the time chasing the perfect picture. He did an awesome job (please see his work below 🙂 ).

Our first full day was packed and we were exhausted. We reluctantly left the beach for our long drive back. We weren’t super hungry due to our late lunch, so we stopped in Kaunakakai for some ice cream for dinner (my type of dinner). Great way to end our day!

Molokai: Trip 3 – Day 1

A couple weeks ago, Linda came to visit. This was her fifth trip to Hawaii so we decided it was time to venture off Oahu. We chose Molokai for a variety of reasons but mainly because of the book Molokai. She recommended it to me when I moved here the first time and after we visited, I couldn’t wait to go back with her. We left on Thursday evening and landed around 5:30 PM. We stopped at Saint Joseph Church (one of Saint Damien’s churches), checked in to our Airbnb (which was amazing), ran to the grocery store for coffee and snacks, and finished with dinner and live music at Paddlers Inn.

Mt. Olomana

A few weekends ago, Josh and I hiked the first peak of three peaks. For me, this was the second time hiking it. It was a beautiful day, not windy and clear enough to see Maui, Lanai and Molokai. Such a great hike!

Happy 2017!

Just like we started last year, we began 2017 with a hike. We forced my mom to do Koko Head (and she lived!). It was an incredibly clear day so we were able to see Molokai and whales. The perfect way to set the tone for the year!

Lanai: Day 3

On our last day in Lanai, we decided to do a hike and check out the Lodge at Koele (one of the two Four Seasons on the island). We started our morning with breakfast at Hotel Lanai and then walked about a mile to the Lodge, as the trail started behind one of the two golf courses there.

We hiked the Koloiki Ridge Trail at a pretty brisk pace as we had to get back for Becca and Ben to catch the shuttle to the harbor. We wanted to make sure we had time to get stuff together and maybe grab a quick snack before we all left Lanai. It turned out to be a beautiful hike! We weren’t expecting much, as we had done everything else on the island. It was recommended by someone staying at Becca and Ben’s b&b as something fun to do but not a necessity. It turned out to be a blast and a great workout! We got a little lost on the way back, but still made excellent time.

After our hike, we stopped and had smoothies and an açaií bowl at Anuenue Juice Bar & Cafe in Lanai City before heading our separate ways. Becca and Ben headed for the ferry to Maui and Josh and I enjoyed wandering around the shops looking at different things before we headed to the airport. It was such a great trip and even though I feel like we successfully crossed off this island, I would LOVE to go back!

Molokai: Trip 2

On Saturday, Josh and I went back to Molokai to do some things that got rained out on our first trip (we also got rained out two weeks ago when we tried to go back). We landed around 6:30 a.m. and headed to the Kualapu’u Cookhouse, which is where we had breakfast when we landed last year. We split the best breakfast sandwich we’ve ever had and some french toast (it reminded me of my mom’s). A great way to start our day/trip.

After breakfast, we headed towards Halawa Valley for our hike (the main reason we came back). We FINALLY had amazing weather. It was bright and sunny and we could not have asked for better weather. We took our tour with Molokai Flowers. I feel like they have become my best friends over the past year…I’ve ordered multiple boxes of flowers from them and have emailed back and forth trying to set up this tour. They are absolutely WONDERFUL! Kalani’s son gave us the tour and we had the trail and the waterfall completely to ourselves. It was so serene and peaceful…a very special place! After we hiked back, we had two different types of smoothies that Kalani made us from fruit on his farm. They were incredible! He even gave us some lilikoi to take back to make our own smoothies. They also gave us some beautiful pink torch gingers to take home. Some of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen!

After filling up on smoothies, we started to head back to grab a late lunch. The drive is so incredibly beautiful (even better not in the pouring down rain). It also makes the road to Hana on Maui look super easy. The road is mostly one lane…but there’s not much traffic. We stopped at Mana’e Goods and Grindz for some chicken katsu. We had this on our last trip and it is the best chicken katsu I’ve had. After filling up on smoothies, we decided to split lunch.

After filling up, we headed towards the Kalaupapa Lookout and the Phallic Rock. With the weather being so gross the last time we were there, we didn’t get a chance to see either of these. The view from the lookout was incredible and the rock was…well phallic shaped. Women would come here and make offerings and pray for fertility. It was set in a beautiful forest and was a nice, quick walk.

After we finished, we headed to check in at Hotel Molokai. It was interesting. I think in the winter when it wasn’t so hot it would be fine…however, there wasn’t much of a breeze and it was pretty hot AC and only a fan meant we wouldn’t be sleeping very well. We dropped off our stuff and headed to grab a quick bite to eat before we got HOT BREAD! We couldn’t wait to get bread…it was actually the reason we decided to stay the night and not just make it a day trip. The stuff is so good…last time we got strawberry jam and cream cheese. This time we got the works: cream cheese, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, cinnamon and butter. It sounds iffy but it’s incredible. We took most of it back with us (and have been eating it periodically throughout the day). After that, we headed back to the hotel. We were supposed to leave around 8:45 in the morning, but decided to stand by and leave around 7:00 a.m. since we knew we wouldn’t be sleeping anyways. Excellent decision. There were only nine people on our flight! Our trip was a complete success and it feels great to cross off another island!