Being Touristy with Emel – Day 2

For Emel’s second day, we headed to the North Shore of Oahu. It was POURING (typical), when we left but cleared up nicely to a light drizzle by the time we got to Giovanni’s for some shrimp. Our first stop was to get some Baja Corn (so delicious). Then we ordered our shrimp (this turned out to be an entire day of eating). After filling ourselves with some pretty fantastic food, we headed up to Haleiwa and stopped at a beach along the way to watch some surfers. We stopped in Haleiwa to have, not one, but two desserts and wander around all of the shops. Our first dessert was the açai bowl (açai blend, honey, granola, apple bananas, coconut flakes). Then we decided to try Matsumoto Shave Ice for the first time. This a really famous shave ice stop for tourists and the line is always ridiculous and out the door, so Josh and I have never been patient enough to try it. Today, we got lucky with the lines and decided to see what all the hype was about. It was incredible! We all split a shave ice with cherry, papaya and lychee flavors, which sat upon a scoop of vanilla ice cream and was covered in condensed milk. DELICIOUS. After our dessert tour of Haleiwa, we stopped in a few of the stores. Emel found some pretty artwork to take with her and Josh and I found a few small canvases of some of the cool places on Oahu that we could decorate our apartment with. Then we headed back to Honolulu to relax a bit (still raining). After our day of eating, we made a healthy dinner to cap off Emel’s day 2!

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