Waikiki Aquarium

Today, I ventured to the Waikiki Aquarium for work. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they had great displays of the different marine life around Hawaii. My favorite were the two monk seals. One of them was abandoned at two days old by his mother. When he was rescued, they discovered he has cataracts and about 20% of his vision left. Once he was healthy, they set him free to live in the wild but he rapidly started losing weight because he couldn’t see to find his food. They brought him back in and he has lived at the aquarium ever since. He hopped up on the rocks while we were there. The volunteer that was educating us about him said any time he hears someone by his back gate he goes to investigate who it is. She said he loves the human interaction and just likes to spend time with people. The other monk seal that was there is significantly older and was abandoned at three weeks old by his mother. He is less active since he is older and gets really excited to be fed. Loved hearing their stories!

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