Josh & Andy Go Gliding

For Josh and Andy’s birthday this year, Anna had the great idea of getting them a ride together in a glider. We were able to completely surprise them a couple weekends ago with a glider ride on the North Shore with Honolulu Soaring.


After gliding, we spent some time on the beach enjoying the view and the waves.

After our time on the North Shore, we were able to surprise them once more with a cake and friends at Paradise Ciders. Successful day!

Kealia Trail

A couple weekends ago, Josh and I went up to the North Shore to do a hike near Dillingham Airfield. It was a beautiful day and we were lucky enough to see a few gliders being towed, flying around and then landing. We stopped at the rest area, but you can continue on for a much longer hike (on the list for the future)!