USS Missouri

Our final stop of the day from our tour of Ford Island on Sunday was the USS Missouri. Last year, Josh, my mom and I toured the USS Midway in San Diego (which was awesome) and this was pretty similar. The Midway was definitely larger than the Missouri, but both were pretty cool experiences!

Ford Island

This past Sunday, Josh and I ventured to Ford Island to wander around and see what was there. I knew there were memorials, but wasn’t sure where they were or what to expect. Our Sunday turned out to be an amazing day. We were able to see the USS Utah (still in the water from when it sank during the attack on Pearl Harbor), the USS Oklahoma memorial, the USS Missouri (which is where the instrument of surrender was signed during World War II in Tokyo Bay) and finally the Pacific Aviation Museum. We also had a great view of the USS Arizona Memorial. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful way to end the weekend!

Our first stop was the USS Utah. The Utah, like the Arizona, remains in the water along with the crew that went down with it during the attack on Pearl Harbor. There was only one person rescued from the USS Utah.

After the Utah, we drove to the other side of the island and took in some of the views there.

Next, we headed to the Pacific Aviation Museum. We didn’t go in the museum, but walked around outside checking out all of the old aircrafts. Pretty cool.

Our final stops before touring the USS Missouri (more on that in the next post), were the memorials for the USS Oklahoma and viewing the USS Arizona from shore.

Bishop Museum

This summer, I was able to visit the Bishop Museum twice. Once as a field trip with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club and again on my own with my friend Jenn to explore the history of Hawaii more in depth. I really enjoyed both visits (I love museums) but I was happy I saved the historical part with artifacts for when I didn’t have any kids to chase after :).

Honolulu Museum of Art

Yesterday, we went to the Honolulu Museum of Art for our field trip for work. We only went to a part of the museum, but I should definitely go back. It’s only about three blocks from where I live and they had some really neat pieces! A few of my favorites below.